Shopify New Accounts Vs. Classic Accounts

New Accounts has some valuable features while Classic Accounts is much more customizable in style and function. Read more about their differences in our new article
December 21, 2023

So you may be wondering which version of Shopify Accounts will bring more value to your shop. To summarize, New Accounts has some valuable features like password-less login and self-serve returns. While Classic Accounts is much more customizable in style and function. We recommend Classic Accounts for most stores. They offer a more customizable experience and are compatible with most third-party apps.

Shopify New Accounts Vs. Classic Accounts

  • New customer accounts are a newer version of customer accounts that aims to offer a streamlined, password-less experience. Customers can log in to their account using a one-time verification code sent to their email address, each time they log in. This can make it easier for customers to log in and checkout, and it can also help to reduce fraud. New customer accounts also support new Shopify features such as self-serve returns. New Customer Accounts also don't collect the valuable marketing consent that you can use later to target your customers with email campaigns.
  • Classic customer accounts are the traditional version of customer accounts that have been used in Shopify for many years. Customers log in to their account using an email address and password. Classic customer accounts allow you to customize the account page and use apps to enhance the customer experience. For example you can integrate a Social Login app so customers can log-in through social media. Albeit they do not support natively new Shopify features such as self-serve returns, this can still be linked and used in the new dashboard.

Here is a table comparing the two types of customer accounts:

table new accounts vs classic accounts Shopify

Enhancing Customer Accounts with Froonze

When you enable Customer Accounts in Shopify, customers will be able to create accounts and access a personal account page in your site. But in Shopify this space is often overlooked because the built-in account page lacks appeal and functionality. Think on everything that customers do in the portals of big platforms such as Amazon.

A customer account page is more than just a place to store your customer's information. The account page is the gateway to your customers' online experience. It is also an ideal place for first-time customers to turn into repeat customers. You can make your customer account page a much more productive and dedicated space to navigate by integrating a number of relevant services into it, such as a customer portal does.

Froonze Customer Accounts turns your account page into a multi functional portal to interact with your customers. Our app replaces the native Shopify customer panel with an upgraded widget. It contains more information, is more customizable, is more functional, and is prettier. It also brings together a range of plugins to provide your customers with a seamless and enhanced experience:

  • Powerful Portal Add-ons: reorder, cancel order, custom pages
  • Integrations with customer tools from other apps. Like Rewards, Subscriptions, Invoicing, Order Management, Digital Downloads.
  • Wishlist to let your customers save their favorite products
  • Custom Forms to collect additional data from your customers
  • Loyalty to boost sales with a points-based rewards system
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Social Login to let your customers log-in or sign-up through Social Media

Check our demo site here to get to know more about these features. If you have any question, just contact us.

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