Customer Portal: upgrade the look & functionality of the account page

Turn Shopify's account page into a multifunctional portal to interact with your customers. Style it to craft a unique, brand-centric experience
January 17, 2024

The account page is the gateway to your customers' online experience. But in Shopify this space is often overlooked because the built-in account page lacks appeal and functionality.

Customer Accounts transforms the generic account page into a sophisticated & interactive customer portal. Customers will be able to edit their profiles, track past orders, view products they are interested in or access relevant information all in one place. Additionally, our app offers a range of powerful tools that integrate seamlessly into the new upgraded portal. Our Loyalty, Wishlist, App Integrations, Custom Forms,... will help you provide your customers with a unique and personalized experience that will make them feel more connected to your place.

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Customer Portals: the key to a more personalized and engaging customer experience

Customer portals play a crucial role in e-commerce. They provide a centralized platform for customers to manage their accounts and engage with the brand. Portals offer a unique opportunity to create a personalized environment. A personal space where customers can access the information and services and you can communicate better with them. Think on everything that can be done in the portals of big platforms like Amazon or eBay.

From personalized product recommendations to order histories and exclusive content. Portals can be a critical element for personalizing the customers' experience and interact with them. They allow businesses to cater to the specific needs and preferences of their audiences. And help customers access all relevant information and have a productive stay in your shop. Approaching customers within their own space can also uncover valuable data to improve your services.

In addition, customer portals provide customers with more control over their interactions. This can be critical in the competitive E-commerce landscape, where customers find endless options. Portals are a great way to meet the expectations of customers that want to interact with businesses on their own terms. They provide a convenient self-service space where customers can review past actions and initiate new ones. This allows them to find answers to their queries and complete transactions independently. From managing subscriptions and updating personal information to tracking orders and initiating returns. Customers gain autonomy and the ability to shape their own journey.

By granting customers their own virtual space within your business, with access to both relevant information and self-service options, customer portals greatly enhance the shopping experience. For a merchant, the benefits are also many. Streamlined operations, reduced support costs, and a better engagement that fosters long-term loyalty.

Froonze Customer Portal: overview and features

Customer Accounts turns your account page into a multi functional portal to interact with your customers. Our app replaces the native Shopify customer panel with an upgraded widget. It contains more information, is more customizable, is more functional, and is prettier. It also brings together a range of plugins to provide your customers with a seamless and enhanced experience:

  • Powerful Portal Add-ons: reorder, cancel order, custom pages
  • Integrations with customer tools from other apps
  • Wishlist to let your customers save their favorite products
  • Custom Forms to collect additional data from your customers
  • Loyalty to boost sales with a points-based rewards system
  • Social Login to let your customers log-in or sign-up through Social Media

A walkthrough through our features stops first at the customer profile panel in the main widget:

  1. Inside their account page the customers will find first their profile basic information. They'll also be able to edit it in the profile editor
  2. The address management is made simple with a dedicated section where customers can view all the addresses they have created
  3. The styling of the widget can be easily enhanced using the style settings and your own CSS. We also offer basic customization, ensuring that your account page looks professional and aligns with your brand
  4. The order history section can be enhanced to provide more functionality. Like additional information, reorder, cancel, tracking, status and contact options
  5. Customers have the freedom to update their password any time using the change-password form
  6. Our Loyalty Program plug in adds multiple functionalities to your account page. Customers can benefit from Loyalty Rewards, promotions, Wishlist or App integrations
  7. The Wishlist plugin enables customers to create and share their wish list with anyone they choose
  8. You have the ability to add Custom Pages and links such as a Privacy or Returns policy to provide your customers with important information
  9. Recently Viewed products displays a list of products your customers have recently viewed. This makes easy for them to find and revisit items of interest
  10. Our widget integrates seamlessly with other Shopify apps: subscriptions, rewards, order management, tracking, returns, digital downloads...
  11. All the features support multi-language, and come with quick-install and comprehensible settings

Customer Accounts Account Widget is easy to use and secure, and it can be customized to fit your specific needs. So what are you waiting for? Install the app today and give your customers the best possible experience. A one-stop shop for all their needs.

Portal Add-ons: Reorder, Cancel Order and Custom Pages

Reorder Button: one-click easy reordering to drive repeat sales

Returning customers are likely to spend more and continue buying from your shop. Our plugin adds a Reorder button to each of the orders on the Order History panel, inside the account page widget. This will make reordering from your regular customers easier. And encourage first purchasers to place new orders in one-click.

Reorder Button - Customer Portal - Froonze

Cancel Order Button

Let your customers cancel orders that are not yet fulfilled just by clicking the Cancel Button in the Order History panel.

Cancel Order Button - Customer Portal - Froonze

Custom Pages

Our account widget can contain Custom Pages that will make of your account page a single point of access to relevant information. These pages will be shown as new tabs in the navigation menu on the account page.

It's also possible to show these custom tabs dynamically. So you can choose to restrict their view to certain customers based on customer tags if you need to design a more personal experience for them. New and old tabs can be arranged easily in our navigation builder settings.

Custom Pages - Customer Portal - Froonze


If the shop has more than 1,000 customers, then a Base Plan monthly charge will apply after the 14-day free trial period:

0-1,000 customersFree

For shops with up to 1k customers

1-5k customers$5/month

For shops with up to 5k customers

5-20k customers$15/month

For shops with up to 20k customers

20-100k customers$25/month

For shops with up to 100k customers

  • Reorder Button:

    Included in the Base Plan

  • Custom Pages:

    Included in the Base Plan

  • Cancel Order Button:


More details on the Pricing Page

Other Questions

What is the purpose of Customer Portals?

Customer portals play a crucial role in e-commerce. They provide a centralized platform for customers to manage their accounts and engage with the brand. They create personalized environments where customers can access tailored information and self-service options.

How do Customer Portals enhance the shopping experience?

Customer portals grant customers their own virtual space within a business. It gives access to relevant information and self-services. This empowers customers with more control over their interactions. And allows them to approach your business in their own terms. From managing subscriptions and initiate returns to track orders or update personal information.

What are the benefits of using Customer Portals for businesses?

Customer portals streamline operations, reduce support costs, and foster better engagement and loyalty. They also provide businesses with valuable data and insights into customer behavior.

What can Customer Accounts Account Widget do for my business?

Froonze Account Widget transforms the generic account page in Shopify into an interactive portal. It replaces the native panel with an upgraded widget that offers enhanced functionality and customization options.

What features does the Froonze Account Widget offer?

The Portal includes powerful add-ons such as Reorder and Cancel Order buttons, or Custom Pages. Also integrations with customer tools from other apps. It also brings together a range of plugins to provide your customers with a seamless and enhanced experience. Loyalty, Wishlist, App Integrations, Custom Forms,... will help you provide your customers with a unique and personalized experience that will make them feel more connected to your place.

Is there any requisite that I need to meet to use Customer Accounts Account Widget?

It's necessary that you enable Classic Accounts in Shopify to use the app. This will allow you Shopify store to create and manage accounts in Shopify. And our app will replace the widget in the Classic Accounts dashboard.

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