Customer Accounts Concierge includes a 14-day free trial period, and our Base Plan is free of charge for shops with up to 1,000 customers. The Base Plan already greatly enhances the usability, look and feel of your account page, including features such as: account page widget, custom pages, multi-language support, order history, profile, addresses.

If the shop has more than 1,000 customers, then a Base Plan monthly charge will apply after the 14-day free trial period:

0-1,000 customersFree

For shops with up to 1k customers

1-5k customers$5/month

For shops with up to 5k customers

5-20k customers$15/month

For shops with up to 20k customers

20-100k customers$25/month

For shops with up to 100k customers

In addition, the app has a flexible system of optional plugins where you can select and pay only for those that you need. All prices are flat monthly fees and will be applied after the trial period, as shown in the table below, regardless of the count of customers:

Plugin Description Price (USD)
Account Integrations Show other apps' widgets and buttons inside of our customer account page widget
Single Plan $4
Cancel Order Button Let your customers cancel orders which are not yet fulfilled
Single Plan $4
Custom Forms Build custom registration and profile forms. Add unlimited custom fields which are saved in customer metafields
Basic $6

All standard Shopify fields for profile and address

Registration and profile forms

Custom fields(metafields)

Email verification

Unlimited submissions and customers

2 forms


More features are coming!

Advanced $12

Everything in the Basic plan

Account approval

File Upload

More features are coming!

Premium $30

Everything in the Basic & Advanced plans

Unlimited forms

Shopify Flow integration

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

More features are coming!

$6 - 30
Loyalty Program Loyalty Program helps you increase sales by incentivizing your customers to stay with your brand and purchase more. Creating a fully functional loyalty program just takes minutes
Basic $1

100 orders / month

Advanced $10

500 orders / month


Premium $30

1000 orders / month


Unlimited $60

Unlimited orders


$1 - 60
Social Login Let your customers log in seamlessly using a social platform of their choice
Basic $2

Log in with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon and Microsoft

Unlimited logins

Custom API keys

Customer tagging

Custom CSS

Multi language

Advanced $4.5

Everything in the Basic plan

Google One Tap

Log in with Apple

Shopify Multipass

$2 - 4.5
Wishlist Let your customers add products to wishlist, add wishlist page on customer account page
Basic $4

Wishlist button on the product page

Wishlist tab in the customer account page widget

Cross device synchronization

Multilanguage support

Real time analytics

Import wishlist from csv

More features are coming!

Advanced $10

Everything in the Basic plan

Button on collections (auto)

Button on quickview (Beta)

Share wishlist on social media

Guest shoppers wishlist

Multiple wishlists

Show/hide wishlist button based on customer tags

More features are coming!

Premium $15

Everything in the Basic & Advanced plans

Klaviyo integration

Facebook Pixel

Auto reminders

Back in stock reminder

Low on stock reminder

Price drop reminder

More features are coming!

$4 - 15
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