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October 27, 2023


‍Customer Accounts Wishlist πŸ’— plugin installs "Add to wishlist" buttons in the products cards of your Shopify site. And a personal list that the customer can access on the account page and share with other people. Other features are: multi-language, multi-lists, guest wishlist, integrations with Klaviyo, Facebook and Google.

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What is a Wishlist and why is so important for an E-commerce store

A Wishlist allows customers to create lists of products they like and save them in their user account for later interactions. E-commerce Wishlist apps are a helpful tool for both shoppers and merchants. Shoppers can keep track of the products they want through a faster and more friendly interface. Merchants increase sales and conversion by improving their audiences' Β engagement.

Wish lists are a middle ground between purchasing and forgetting, they imply a direct, yet not immediate, intent to buy something. They are an effective solution when customers need more time to decide, or plan to come back to your shop later. Wish lists can reduce abandonment by reducing the number of users that somehow miss their way to checkout.

Increasing your customer retention rates by 5% can increase your profits up to 90%. Wishlist will help you retaining those customers by making it easier for them to interact with your store even when they are not ready to buy.


Froonze Wishlist Plugin: overview and features

Our Wishlist plugin is a powerful tool that stands out from other applications for its simple design and multiple functions. But also because what it aims to build along the rest of the modules of Customer Accounts: apersonal space where your customers can have a more rewarding and complete experience.

With our wishlist plugin your customers can browse your products, add them to their wishlists with a click, share their wishlists with friends and family, and manage these lists of favorite products on the dedicated dashboard that we build for them on that better, personal and now upgraded space that is the account page.

Wishlist panel on Customer Account page
View of Wishlist panel on Customer Account page


The plugin is better defined by its features so let's go for a list of them:

  • Installation is driven easily from the App Embed (in the Shopify editor) to install 4 different widgets. A product page Add/Remove button. A collection/quick-view button with the same function. A launcher and a navigation icon that redirect to the customer Wishlist panel. Along with extra options to add custom CSS or custom placement with CSS selectors and customize colors. See the video below.
  • Multi-language support. You can use our Translation settings to translate or customize all store-front text in the wishlist widgets to any of the languages of your shop
  • Cross device synchronization. Once logged-in, customer wish-lists are saved in the database so the lists can be accessed across different devices. Β Navigation is especially more comfortable on mobile devices, where shoppers find this feature a time saver. It also generates organic growth, encouraging users to sign up for an account they wouldn't have otherwise.
  • Social Media Sharing. Customers can share their lists with their family and friends from their personal dashboards in a couple of clicks. Ideal for birthday or wedding lists, and for attracting new customers to your shop.
  • Real-time analytics: wish lists provide a lot of valuable data and allow merchants to analyze the preferences and expectations of their customers, identify trends and patterns, measure product interest and collect useful information to generate leads and optimize their sales, marketing or stock strategies: which products have a low purchase rate but are on customers' lists?, which products tend to be grouped?,...
  • Guest wishlist. Your visitors can still wishlist products across the site and the information is saved in the browser
  • Multiple lists. In the Advanced plan your customers will be able to create as many lists of products as they want. A perfect solution for shops that work with retailers or have different sets of products
  • Conditional installation by tag. The widgets can also be installed selectively based on customer or product tags
  • Integration with Klaviyo. Send wishlist events to this email platform to contact your customers later based on the products they added to the list
  • Integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to sync data for each added product
  • ‍Import wishlist from CSV. To support migration from other apps



Wishlist button on the product page

Wishlist tab in the customer account page widget

Cross device synchronization

Multilanguage support

Real time analytics

Import wishlist from csv

More features are coming!


Everything in the Basic plan

Button on collections (auto)

Button on quickview (Beta)

Share wishlist on social media

Guest shoppers wishlist

Multiple wishlists

Show/hide wishlist button based on customer tags

More features are coming!


Everything in the Basic & Advanced plans

Klaviyo integration

Facebook Pixel

Google Analytics

More features are coming!

More details on the Pricing Page


Summary Questions


Is it possible to enable wishlist in Shopify without an app? How do I install a wishlist button in Shopify?

Shopify doesn't have any built-in wishlist widgets, so it relies in third-party apps to provide this feature. Besides, it's also possible to find a built-in wishlist feature in some paid themes like Ella. But themes come with a more limited range of features than apps usually provide.


What are some of the best Wishlist apps in Shopify?

‍Some of the most popular Shopify Wishlist apps are: Wishlist Plus, Wishlist Rocket, Wishlist Engine, Wishlist Hero, and Customer Accounts Concierge.

Our App also aims to approach in a holistic way other aspects of the customer experience. With functionalities that integrate into the account page to create a more engaging space for your customers.

Profile, Custom Forms, Social Login, Rewards, Order History, Integrations with other apps,...


How do customers let other people buy from their wishlist?

‍They need to share it with the share links that are usually attached in their personal wishlist dashboard. The links will then redirect other visitors to a view of the original wishlist.


Does Froonze Customer Account Concierge have options so customers can share wishlist in social media?

‍Yes. Along with other functionalities like:

multi-language, analytics, multi-lists, and integrations with Klaviyo, Facebook Meta Pixel and Google analytics.


Is Froonze Customer Accounts Concierge wishlist module easy to install?

‍Yes, the automatic installation works in most themes and only takes a couple of clicks. It also takes place in the Shopify Customize Editor so you can preview, install and customize all at the same time.


Can you use wishlist for customers' events like birthdays, weddings, gift registries?

‍Our Wishlist allows you to create multiple lists for the same shop. This is a convenient way to keep track of items you're interested in, whether it's for yourself or for others. It's especially helpful for creating gift or shopping lists for major events like weddings, baby showers and birthdays.


What are other benefits of using wishlist? Should I install a wishlist app in my Shopify shop?

‍While there are many benefits, it is important to first consider if the flow of your products is a good fit for a wishlist-based purchase flow. Take into account for example the nature of your products or the offer of your competitors. Some of the most notable benefits of using a wishlist include:

  • ‍Better engagement. Wishlists can help customers stay longer on your site, revisit it on future occasions. And create a stronger relationship with your brand.
  • More sales and conversion, less abandonment. Wishlists can help customers save products for later, track out-of-stock or on-sale items. This can lead to increased sales, conversion rates, and customer loyalty
  • ‍Attract new audience. Wishlists can be used to share products with friends and family, which can help you attract new customers and grow your business.
  • Capture information to improve your business strategies. Wishlists can provide valuable insights into your customers' interests and preferences. This information is a valuable resource that you can use to improve your sales or marketing strategies. And to predict the market and model of your business.
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