Account Page Integrations: a one-stop portal experience

Gear up your account page with tools from different apps and create a more personalized and functional space for your customers
January 17, 2024

With Customer AccountsAccount Page Integrations you can add customer tools from other apps to our Shopify account page widget. These integrations will make of the account page a more efficient and functional space. It will provide customers with a central location where they can easily find and access the information and functions they need. From services like Loyalty to managing their Subscriptions and orders.

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Customer Portal Integrations and E-commerce

E-commerce landscape is competitive, very. Customers have endless options and expect, more than ever, personalized, self-service experiences. An account page can be a critical element for personalizing the customer experience and engaging your audience. It can help your customers access all relevant information and have a productive stay in your shop. Saving them time and hassle and helping you to build stronger relationships with them.

Integrating tools and services within the customer portal is a significant upgrade. It's also a great way to provide a seamless and cohesive experience to customers. By integrating features like order management, customer support, loyalty,... customers won't need to navigate through many sections, reducing the friction of a longer, unproductive stay. It will also allow you deliver more personalized and functional interactions. It's a portal experience similar to the one you can find on big platforms like Amazon or eBay that it's not present in Shopify natively.

Customer and CRM Tools integrations - Shopify

Froonze Account Page Integrations: overview and features

With Froonze Account Page Integrations you can add tools from other Shopify apps into our new account widget. By integrating apps you will be creating a synergistic and functional space for your customers, enriching their stay in your shop. A one-stop upgraded version of the rather useless Shopify classic customer account dashboard.

The integrations can consist of gadgets or links provided by other apps and built in the account sections (E.g. links to download digital products or invoices in the Order History panel). Or entire customer dashboards that will be loading from new tabs within the account widget (E.g. Subscriptions or Rewards personal management pages). To explore the list of available integrations, please visit this link.

Setting up these integrations is quick, with easy toggle options in the settings. There are 5 categories of applications we integrate with:

  • Rewards and Loyalty integrations enable the display of reward widgets within the account widget. They allow customers to view their activity and balance right on their account page. This integration will also push dates-of-birth captured by our app, so you can reward your customers' birthdays.
Integration Froonze with Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards
View of integration with Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards

  • Subscriptions integrations allow customers to access subscription management panels provided by integrated apps
Integration Froonze with Appstle Subscriptions
View of integration with Appstle Subscriptions
  • Wishlist integrates customer favorite items dashboard into the account widget
  • Order Management adds advanced features to our Order History panel. Like Edit and Print invoice buttons or access to Returns and Tracking. All within a unified interface
  • Digital Products adds direct download links to the Digital products in the Order history Panel. This way your customers can always an easy way back to files they purchased. Like PDFs, eBooks, Zip files, sample packs, images and other digital files
Integrations Froonze - Sendowl and DDA ‑ Digital Downloads
View of Order Management and Digital Download links in the Order History Panel

For a firsthand experience of these features we invite you to explore our demo site.



More details on the Pricing Page

Summary Questions

Why is the integration of tools and services within the customer portal important?

Integrating tools enhances the customer experience by providing a seamless and cohesive environment. It reduces navigation friction and allows for personalized and functional interactions. Processes such as placing and tracking orders are much easier because portals are built with the customer at the forefront.

How does Froonze Account Page Integrations improve the Shopify customer account dashboard?

Shopify doesn't provide natively with a way to integrate apps into the account portal. Froonze Account Page Integrations allows the addition of tools from other Shopify apps into the account widget. This creates a synergistic and functional space for customers, enriching their shopping experience.

What types of integrations are available in Froonze Account Page Integrations?

The integrations can consist of gadgets or links provided by other apps, built in the account sections. Or entire customer dashboards that load from new tabs within the account widget. We integrate with 5 categories of apps. Rewards and loyalty, subscriptions, wishlist, order management, and digital products. To explore the list of available integrations, please visit this link. For a firsthand experience of these features we invite you to explore our demo site.

Can I request new integrations?

We're accepting requests to integrate new applications in our account widget. But we're giving priority to those that have a higher demand. Please check our Feature Upvote forum in the settings dashboard.

Do I need a paid plan in Customer Accounts Concierge to use Integrations?

You would need to subscribe to our Integrations plugin, one of the plugins in our flexible plugin system (subscribe only to those you need). Details of the pricing can be found here

If I add pages from other apps as Custom Pages, will not this work just as an integration?

Probably not. These pages are usually built with widgets that load with header or template scripts that won't load on the Custom Page. Hence the need of an integration.

What are other benefits of integrating different apps into a customer portal
  • One-stop shop. It allows customers to access information and activity in a centralized place. This includes information such as contact details, purchase history, preferences, and interactions
  • It's an approach to managing customer relationships. It helps businesses provide better customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth.
  • Improved customer engagement. It helps create more meaningful and personalized communication with customers
  • Enhanced Customer Support. Integrations will streamline customer service processes and improve customer satisfaction
  • Repeat Sales: facilitates the automation of repeat actions, like subscriptions
  • Retention and Loyalty: integrations can display loyalty programs, and personalized offers. This helps in nurturing trust, increasing customer retention rates, and driving repeat purchases.
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