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Add files to your digital products and let your customers download them on the account page after the purchase.
October 16, 2023

🥳 Leading Shopify app DDA - Digital Downloads integrates now with our Customer Accounts Concierge. The integration adds links to download digital products in our account page widget. This way your customers can always an easy way back to files they purchased. Like PDFs, eBooks, Zip files, sample packs, images and other digital files, with direct links in our Order History panel. Learn more about this integration in our guide below or in DDA's documentation here.

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What's this Integration about?

DDA - Digital Downloads by Massive Monkey Ltd. is one of the best app options in Shopify to sell your digital products (PDFs, eBooks, Zip files, license keys, sample packs, music beats,...). With a friendly UI & fast download speeds, DDA features as well a unique IP protection system to help you solve fraud & copyright problems.

Our integration with DDA adds direct download links to each of the digital products in your customers' Order History panel. Your customers can access the files at any moment later in that personal and now upgraded space that is the account page.

How to enable the Integration

Enabling the integration is easy but it's required to subscribe to both our Integrations plugin and to a Premium plan in DDA. These are the steps in more detail:

  • In our app, make sure the Integrations plugin is subscribed so you can enable this or any other app integration in our Account Page settings
  • In DDA, navigate to Settings > Checkout settings and tick the box "Display download links on the customer accounts order page". You'll need to be in the Premium Plan to enable this setting, further instructions can be found on DDA documentation here
DDA Digital Downloads Checkout settings
  • After this, navigate to our Settings > Account Page > Integrations, select DDA - Digital Downloads and switch on the toggle. Then click on the Save button on top. It's done so the direct download links will be now attached in the Order History panel to the details of each of the orders containing digital assets
Customer Accounts Concierge Integrations panel

Customer Accounts Concierge Account Widget

Common Questions

What exactly is a digital product?

A digital product is a non-physical good that is delivered electronically. Examples include software, license keys, graphics, eBooks (PDFs), music, and videos.

What are the benefits to selling digital products?

There are many, a few of the most notable are:

  • Low overhead costs: There is no need to invest in inventory, warehousing, or shipping when selling digital products.
  • Global reach: Digital products can usually be sold to customers all over the world, 24/7, to reach a much wider audience.
  • Scalability: Digital products can be easily scaled up or down to meet demand. This makes them a great option for businesses of all sizes

Can I sell digital products on Shopify?

Yes, you can, Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce platform that will allow you to sell both physical and digital products.

Is Shopify good for digital products?

Yes, Shopify is one of the easiest and most efficient platform for selling them. The platform features a wide range of compatibilities with tech companies. Also payment processing with fraud support, fast CDNs, and a friendly and quick to set-up interface.

How to add digital products on Shopify?

You create a digital product the same way you create a physical product. Only that while creating the product you need to tick the checkbox "Digital Product or Service" in the Product Shipping panel. It's also recommended to deactivate the Track quantity in the Inventory panel above.

Digital product Shopify Settings

While the platform will allow you to add these digital products, Shopify’s system doesn’t have an in-built method for selling them. You'll need to install an app from their app store to provide to your customers with a download link for the digital products they have purchased. You can read more details about digital products from the Shopify documentation here.

I am having trouble setting up the integration. Is there an email address I can contact for help?

But of course, just contact our support any time at support@froonze.com

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