How to reorder products in Shopify

A reorder products button will save time from your customers and lead to repeat orders. Learn how to add it so customers can easily reorder products and repeat orders
April 25, 2024

Do you know how to reorder products in Shopify? Integrating a quick reorder button on your website directly reduces repurchase time for customers. This spares customers from having to search for products and simplifies repeat transactions, enhancing the shopping experience and demonstrably boosting sales.

This action would require customers to visit the account page to review their history of orders, and choose which order they want to repeat.

Within the New Customer Accounts dashboard, Shopify provides a built-in Buy Again button that allows customers to directly repeat past orders. Although this is a totally free feature, most merchants find the new accounts dashboard limited in look and function. So there are also a couple of options to add a reorder button in the classic dashboard, which is a more customizable space and supports integrations with other apps.

How to reorder products in Shopify

Shopify's New Accounts Dashboard: Buy Again button

To make this option available to your customers, you would just need to enable New Customer Accounts in Shopify:

  1. Go to Settings > Customer accounts in your Shopify admin.
  2. In the Accounts in online store and checkout section, click on Edit.
  3. Check the box to Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout. This will add a login link to your store's header and checkout page.
  4. Just below you can choose which version of Customer Accounts to use: New or Classic customer accounts. Choose New Customer Accounts. Click Save
  5. Test it on site. Your customers will be able to login now by clicking the account icon installed in the header. The new dashboard is accessed with a link that is sent to the customer's email. Once logged in, the customer will be able to access past orders, view their details, and use the Buy again feature on the top right corner. The Buy Again button will redirect to the cart page on site and automatically add the products in the order.
Buy Again button in Shopify's new account dashboard

Shopify's Classic Accounts Dashboard

Shopify's Classic Customer Accounts dashboard lacks a built-in Buy Again or Reorder button. However, you can add this functionality through custom code or third-party apps (if you are not familiar with code). Notably, many merchants prefer the Classic Dashboard due to its superior customizability, app integration, on-site installation, and reported stability compared to the newer version. You can read more about their differences in this other article.

First off, to go ahead with any custom or third-party app solution, make sure Classic Accounts dashboard is enabled in your shop. To enable Classic Accounts you'd need to repeat the steps in the above section, but choose Classic Accounts Dashboard, instead of New, in the Shopify > Customer Accounts settings. If you need a breakdown of the steps, you can find more details here.

How to add a reorder products button with custom code

To add a Reorder product button with custom code you'll need to edit the theme code files and install the liquid button in the order details template:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin and navigate to Online Store > Themes. Find the theme you want to edit and click on the Three points icon > Edit code.
  2. In the Theme Editor, search for the word "order". This will bring up the template that contains the login form (usually order.liquid or main-order.liquid). Open it.
  3. Inside the order detail template, find a right place where to install the Reorder button. This is usually around or below the heading containing the order name, or just before the table containing the order details. For example you can try searching for "<table". This should give you the line where the table with the order details starts.
  4. One line above that, add the code that you see below. Please note that some knowledge of CSS may be helpful to style the button to your liking. Or you can just add an already styled class, used in other buttons in the theme, to it.
  5. Save and test on site. Log into a customer account with past orders or create a test account and add some orders to it in the Shopify Admin > Orders dashboard. Click on one of the orders, then on Reorder. It should take you to a checkout where the products in the order have been automatically added.

{% liquid assign reorder_url = '' for line_item in order.line_items assign reorder_url = reorder_url | append: line_item.variant_id | append: ':' | append: line_item.quantity | append: ',' endfor -%} <a href="/cart/{{ reorder_url }}" class="yourbuttonclass" style="background: cornflowerblue; color: white; padding: 10px; text-decoration: none">Reorder</a>

Reorder button with custom code

Use a third-party app to reorder products in Shopify

Following our notes in the previous section, integrations with apps are only possible in the Classic Accounts dashboard, so make sure you install this Classic version first.

The Shopify App Store offers different apps that add a simple and quick reorder function directly to the Order History panel. These tools make reordering Shopify products and variants in past orders a breeze.

For a more comprehensive solution, consider upgrading every aspect of the customer experience with our Customer Accounts app. It transforms the basic account page into a powerful and engaging customer portal. Customers will be able to edit their profiles, track past orders, view products they are interested in or access relevant information all in one place. Functions like Reorder and Custom Pages are all included in the Base Plan.

Read more details about our Customer Portal solution here.

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