Guide to combine discount codes in Shopify

The new Shopify discount combinations allow stores to control whether or not discount codes can be stacked. Learn more about combining multiple discount codes in this guide
December 7, 2023

Shopify has finally addressed the growing demand for flexible discount stacking by introducing powerful combination support on Summer 2023. Now it's possible to combine multiple discount codes during checkout, allowing customers to stack product and order discounts as well, complementing the previous free shipping discount combinations.

Shopify's latest update marks a significant leap in discount management, and it also represents a significant advancement in the customer tools that the platform provides to enhance the customer experience. Starting with being able to create more and better incentives to buy. Check out this guide to learn how to combine discount codes on Shopify and other relevant questions and features like automatic discounts.

Shopify multiple discount codes support

How do the new supported discount combinations work in Shopify ?

Just before the update came out, it was only possible to combine free shipping with either one product or one order discount. The new settings allow to combine order, product, and free shipping discounts with little restrictions.

Customers can apply up to 5 product or order discount codes and 1 shipping discount code per order, and all combinations are virtually possible, except combining different shipping discounts:

  • order discounts with free shipping discounts
  • product discounts with free shipping discounts
  • product discounts with other product discounts
  • product discounts with order discounts
  • order discounts with other order discounts

Shopify's new discount combinations make it easy to create special offers for your store and personalized promotions for your customers. You can use these discounts to sell more products, make your customers happy, and build loyalty. You can also use them in combination with the new automatic discounts.

An example of Shopify checkout with multiple combined discount codes
An example of Shopify checkout with multiple combined discount codes

To enable discount combinations just go ahead and create coupons that are combinable

  1. Go to your Shopify Discounts page.
  2. Click Create Discount on the top right corner and choose any type of discount you want to create
  3. In the Combinations setting, select the discount types that you want to allow, either product, order or shipping discount combinations (except shipping discounts that can't be combined with other shipping discounts)
  4. Save and it's done
Shopify discount combinations: product, order and shipping discounts

Can I Stack Discounts?

Stacking discounts means using multiple discounts on one order. Shopify's system doesn't allow combining different discount types in one code, like offering both a product and shipping discount in one only code. However, it now supports combinations of different types of discounts, ensuring customers can use the best possible discount combination.

Do coupon combinations support automatic discounts?

Automatic coupons is another new and thrilling feature from Shopify, that allows coupons to be applied automatically in customers' carts without the need of them entering a coupon code. You can read more about this feature and its limitations here.

Automatic coupons still fall under one category: order, product or shipping discounts. And as such, admit combinations in exactly the same conditions. Customers will be able to stack both automatic and non-automatic discounts to apply the best eligible combination on their carts.

Can you create bulk discounts on Shopify?

Shopify doesn't provide natively a feature to create or import discounts in bulk. It relies on third-party apps to provide this functionality. A quick search of bulk discount apps in the Shopify App Store will definitively help you find a solution.

So, do I need to create the discounts myself?

Not necessarily. Merchants usually rely on Loyalty and Rewards applications to build points and coupons rewards systems that will reward their customers for different actions, like completing purchases to name the most popular, and redeem for coupons later.

But not all of them support discount combinations, as a matter of fact, most of them don't. But ours does. Customer Accounts Loyalty Program supports discount combinations, so you can reward customers with points for different activities and let them redeem those points for discounts that you can customize in the settings. Including the same options to combine coupons that you can find in Shopify: product, order and shipping discount combinations.


What else should I consider when creating discount combinations?

When you create discount combinations you have to avoid provide your customers with combos that excessively reduce your benefits or even result in a negative impact, unless you want to do so, of course.

Here are some additional tips for creating effective discount combinations:

  • Consider your target audience. What are your customers most likely to be interested in?
  • Use a variety of discount types. This will appeal to a wider range of customers. A particularly compelling use of discount combinations is to combine discount codes with free shipping offers. This strategy can entice customers to increase their order value to reach the free shipping threshold, boosting average order value (AOV).
  • Make sure your discounts are easy to understand. Customers should be able to quickly see how much they can save.
  • Promote your discounts effectively. Let your customers know about your discounts so they can take advantage of them.


Shopify's latest discounts update lets merchants enable combinations of multiple order-level, product and shipping discounts. It's a major improvement, available on all plans, that merchants can use without the need of an app. Shopify's discount combinations now represent a powerful tool to create enticing promotions and enhance customer experience, and that will help store owners unlock a new level of selling strategies.

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