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Fronze: best customer accounts Shopify app
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Customer Account

Our main widget is a multi-functional customer portal that replaces the default account page. The new portal unites most of our features, plugins, and integrations with other apps to provide your customers with a seamless experience.

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    Advanced Order History and Address Manager

    Provide your customers with all the information they need about their past orders and shipping addresses

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    Custom Pages, Links and App Integrations

    Add custom content and tools from other apps to make your account page a one-stop for all relevant information

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    Reorder and Cancel Buttons

    Increase satisfaction and repeat sales with one-click Reorder and Cancel buttons in the portal's Order History

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    Recently Viewed Products

    Make it easy for customers to resume their shopping journey with a recap of the items they recently explored

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    Change Password

    Customers can easily change their account passwords at any time, without having to contact support


Our Loyalty Program helps you increase sales by incentivizing your customers to stay with your brand and purchase more. Create a fully functional program in just minutes.

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    Loyalty Points and Rewards

    Customers will earn points for interacting with your shop, then redeem them for discounts and rewards

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    Referrals Program

    Boost organic growth by rewarding your customers for referring their friends and family

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    Automated Email Notifications

    Use email marketing to notify your customers about their recent activity and encourage new actions

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    Multi-Language Support

    Translate your widgets and emails into any language you need

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    Merchant-friendly Pricing

    We help you succeed with plans that scale with your business - See Pricing

Custom Forms

Custom forms helps you gather additional customer information during registration or inside the profile panel on the account page.

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    Know Your Customers Better

    Create registration and profile forms to collect unique information from your customers

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    Easy Data Access in Shopify

    Access and query data directly in the Shopify customers dashboard

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    Segment Your Customers

    Improve your marketing by segmenting and targeting customers based on the collected data

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    Account Approval

    Manually approve or decline customer account requests after review their applications

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    Email Verification

    Require email verification before customers can activate their accounts


Improve conversion rates by letting customers wishlist products and access them easily from their account page.

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    Email Reminders: back in stock and price drops

    Set up automated notifications to remind customers when wish list items are available again or on sale

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    Customers can share their lists of products with friends and family to complete purchases

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    Guest Wishlist

    Unlogged visitors will be able to wishlist products and save this activity in the browser session

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    Multiple Lists

    Customers can create as many different lists of products as they want

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    Real Time Analytics

    Collect useful information to generate leads and optimize their sales, marketing or stock strategies

Social Login

Save your customers time and hassle by letting them log in with their existing Social Media accounts

1,000s of Happy Customers

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Great App for wholesale / B2B sellers since Customers can get an in-depth view in their recent orders and can download their receipts directly on the homepage thanks to the order-printer integration!


Tailor on the Road

Fantastic Add-on to my website which was necessary to my email marketing.
Now clients can enlist themselves as a family member. The App provides easily built Custom Forms to gather necessary information. Support was immediate, savvy, considerate and patient.
Fantastic App with affordable Add-ons.


Cuddle Decor

I am so glad I found this app! It has everything my customers were asking for: “where is my order”?, “can I have an invoice of my order”? “I can't reset my password!”, and so on. It's very intuitive.
What a dream app! The Wishlist is a plus, and so is the Recently Viewed feature! Anyone who wants can login using their Facebook account. You can choose what feature you want upfront and there is no hidden fees. It’s also a 100% mobile friendly! Thank you so much for such a great job!






C'est la meilleure application pour la personnalisation des comptes. L'installation est très simple et le service client très compétent. Le nouveau plugin Loyalty Program est excellent et très simple d'utilisation. Nous recommandons totalement cette application.


Too Fast Wholesale

They completely redesigned their app to suit my needs. I can't say praise them enough!
+ Quick and easy setup!!
+ You can easily customize the look of the app.
+ Quick responses, good customer service, and excellent cost efficiency!


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Frozen: best customer accounts Shopify app